Letter to the editor: Voting Fryhoff for Sheriff

Apr 18, 2022 | Election

This letter to the editor was published in the VC Star

I have concerns about Bill Ayub’s ability to lead the Sheriff’s Office, and the apparent lack of support he has from the rank-and-file deputies and police officers of local law enforcement agencies. I’m also troubled by Bill Ayub’s flippant dismissal of police officer endorsements as being coordinated by “union bosses.”

I am a retired teacher and former president of the La Habra Education Association. I’m proud of the work I did to represent my fellow teachers. As an association president, I embraced the responsibility of collaborating with administrators to represent all members of the association. The implication that “union bosses” don’t represent the opinions and desires of their membership is insulting. It’s very telling to me that virtually all Ventura County law enforcement associations have endorsed and supported Commander Jim Fryhoff for Sheriff.

It is concerning to me when any organizational leader doesn’t support his or her employees. In a recent public forum, Bill Ayub spoke negatively about sheriff’s deputies, stating, “I’ve probably got 130 deputies out in the field, and I have no idea what any of them are doing. I hope they are doing the right thing, but they very often do not.” Perhaps it’s statements like this that have forced deputies to seek out new leadership. I, for one, appreciate all of these amazing law enforcement officers, and feel they deserve proper support and leadership.

For these reasons, I will be voting for Commander Jim Fryhoff for Sheriff.

Lynette Haas, Oxnard