In the news: Sheriff Bill Ayub has lost the support of rank-and-file officers

Apr 28, 2022 | Election, News

VCDSA President Nick Odenath is working 40 hour weeks to fulfill his union duties and 20 hours per week for the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department; since Sheriff Bill Ayub denied the request to make the union president a full-time job.

For over three years now, Odenath has had to tap into his vacation time to meet all of his work obligations, which includes the oversight of over 1,000 members comprised of about 750 sworn officers and 45 district attorney’s.

In the article, Ventura County Sheriff Candidate and VCDSA Endorsee Jim Fryhoff says if he is elected on June 7th he will definitely consider splitting the cost of creating a full-time position with the DA.

Fryhoff understands how much time and effort the president spends on the union, an attribute completely missing from Ayub’s capacity.

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